Student Stories

Cedric Freisenhausen

from Germany

Cedric Freisenhausen
Kiwis are very open and inclusive. The school I attend has a really good understanding of the needs of international students, and I have been made to feel very welcome here.
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Cedric chose to study at a high school in Wellington for two reasons. The first was the extensive offering of world class programmes, from a wide choice of languages to elite sports programmes to digital and creative technologies. The second was the range of extra-curricular activities also available to students at his school, such as the sailing programme Cedric joined. This opportunity has allowed Cedric to engage in his passion and has given him access to the wider sailing community in the Wellington region.

Angela Do / Huyen Thu Do

from Vietnam

Angela Do / Huyen Thu Do
I love my life in Wellington. It’s a beautiful place, very peaceful and safe. I’m always learning something new about the many different cultures and people that call this place home.
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While it was always Angela’s intention to leave Wellington after completing two years of study at high school, she has fallen in love with life in Wellington, and has decided to explore education opportunities at tertiary level. She is now studying a Diploma in Business Management at a leading private training provider which has strong ties to the universities in Wellington. This means, should she decide to study business as a university degree in the future, she will be able to use credits gained during her diploma.

Hanshen Pan

from China

Hanshen Pan
I have been able to custom design my study programme and have had the opportunity to apply my studies as an intern at a major software development company in Wellington. I am now even more motivated to succeed.
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Hanshen is studying towards a software engineering degree at an Institute of Technology in Wellington. The key advantage of the degree is that it is project based, allowing him to work closely with other students and professionals in the field of information technology. The institute that he studies at also works closely with internationally recognised information technology companies, to ensure that the course content remains at the cutting edge of new developments in the software engineering field.

  • Cedric Freisenhausen

    Cedric Freisenhausen from Germany

  • Angela Do / Huyen Thu Do

    Angela Do / Huyen Thu Do from Vietnam

  • Hanshen Pan

    Hanshen Pan from China