Most students coming to Wellington will arrive via an international flight into Auckland International airport.

When you arrive in Auckland you will need to pass through Passport Control and Customs and the Quarantine Inspection Service. You will need your passport and a completed passenger arrival card, which will be provided on your flight. Please note that the passenger arrival card will need to be completed in English so it might be useful to study prior to your departure.

You will need to collect your baggage at the international terminal at Auckland Airport and then transfer to the domestic terminal to catch a short 50 minute flight to Wellington.

Before transferring to the domestic terminal go to the domestic transfer desk on the ground floor of the international terminal to check-in your luggage. This is located to the left of the Arrival Lobby. If it is less than one hour before your domestic flight to Wellington departs you will need to take your luggage to the domestic terminal with you and check it in there.

There are two ways to transfer from the international terminal to the domestic terminal:

  1. Take a free bus. Exit through Door 8 of the International Terminal. The bus stop should be directly in front of you. Free busses run every 15 minutes between 5am and 10.30pm.
  2. Walk. Follow the Green Line on the footpath to the Domestic Terminal. This takes about 10 minutes.

See the interactive map of Auckland International Airport.

Please note – many Wellington education providers offer a free airport pickup service at Wellington International Airport. Please see the Education Directory to see which providers offer this service.

See the Wellington International Airport site for more information.

Victoria University of Wellington provides an excellent pre-arrival guide that has information that is useful for students at any level. See the guide for more detailed pre-arrival information.