Basic Information

Tertiary | Private | Co-educational

Physical address

Level 2
20 Kent Terrace

Student numbers

  • 288 Total students
  • 12 International students
  • 20 Average class size

Accommodation options

Homestay / Apartment


$6,750 to $18,950

Airport pickup



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Contact information

+64 9 307 5399 (for international student enquiry)
+64 4 384 9624 (for domestic student enquiry)

ACG Yoobee School of Design


ACG Yoobee School of Design is the largest digital design training specialist in NZ with three campuses in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. ACG Yoobee programmes embrace new and emerging technologies and the latest media platforms, with pathways from certificates to degree. From Graphic Design, Digital Media, Web Development and Animation, to Filmmaking, Game Art and 3D Graphics, our courses keep you plugged in to industry advances, and on top of your game.

A vibrant community of design practice, our tutors and students share a passion for digital technology and inspired creativity. We collaborate, we innovate, we push boundaries. Our students gain hands-on experience with industry standard software, and learn how business meets art in the creative sector. They graduate with the perfect mix of technical prowess and creative genius for today’s (and tomorrow’s) employers.

At ACG Yoobee School of Design, we create creatives.

ACG Yoobee School of Design 设计学院是新西兰最大的数码设计技术院校, 拥有奥克兰、惠灵顿及基督城3个校区。学院的课程包括新兴设计技术和最前沿平台媒体,从证书一直到大学的路径课程。学院开设的专业有: 电脑平面设计、数字媒体设计、网页开发设计,动漫设计、数码电影制作、游戏艺术设计、三维图形设计。我们的课程使学生与用人单位始终保持紧密的联系,让学生可以在行业内处于领先地位。

设计实践是一个充满生机的团体,我们的老师和学生互相分享彼此对数字媒体的热情,以激发学生们的创造性。我们合作,我们创新,我们突破极限。我们的学生拥有行业标准软件动手操作的实践经验,并且学习如何在创造性的领域将商业和艺术相结合。我校历届毕业生广泛受到业内人士的欢迎和认可。毕业生就业率 90%以上。国际学生完成课程毕业后可获批新西兰12个月的 开放式工作签证。

在ACG Yoobee School of Design, 我们培养创造性人才。

Why ACG Yoobee School of Design?

  • Established in 1997
  • NZQA approved, category 1 provider
  • The largest specialist digital design school in New Zealand
  • Campuses in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch
  • Small classes with an average of 20 students
  • No written exams, assessment is based on work you create
  • Industry experienced tutors
  • Multiple start dates
  • Industry projects
  • Employment support

Qualifications Offered

  • Certificate in English and Design - Level 3
  • Certificate in Digital Media (iCreate) - Level 3
  • Diploma in Digital Design Web and Graphic – Level 5
  • Diploma in Digital Design Animation and Film Production – Level 5
  • Diploma of Computer Graphic Design - Level 6
  • Diploma of Game Art - Level 6
  • Diploma of Game Art - Level 7
  • Diploma of Digital Film making (Advanced) - Level 6
  • Diploma of Web Development - Level 6
  • Diploma of Animation (Advanced) - Level 6
  • Diploma of 3D Graphics (Advanced) - Level 7
  • Diploma of Digital Media (Advanced) - Level 7